Reboot Cut40 Plasma Cutter Ultimate Review – Should You Buy It?

Reboot Cut40 Plasma Cutter

  • Great Price
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Metals have been man’s best friend in giving birth to the innovations we see around us. 

With these versatile materials, no design is as far-fetched as conceived in the past.

Most of these materials are able to conduct electricity. They’re used in buildings, gadgets and various other technologies we are using. Metals have made domestic life and industrial processes easier than ever.

To allow manipulation and assembly of these durable substances, plasma cutters are essential. These cutters are designed to help repair and section these metals with precision.

To buy this tool for your business or home, it’s important to have some knowledge of the available options. It’s wise to spend money on the type of tool that is compatible with your needs.

The Reboot CUT40 is an easily available, portable, smart and budget-friendly plasma cutter. You can buy it yourself, even if you have no experience of having one before. This review will act as a miniature guide to help you make the best purchase.

Specification of the Reboot Cut40

This user-friendly plasma cutter is available at all notable hardware shops and online. 

The following characteristics make it reliable and robust despite its very handy design:

Cutting Material The Reboot Cut40 is capable of cutting;
Stainless steel Mild steel  Alloy steel Copper Chrome Cast Iron 
Duty Cycle DC 110V 35A output 60% duty cycle air plasma cutter. High-frequency inverter.
Cutting Thickness This powerful tool is manufactured based on the principles of the latest IGBT technology. The air pressure employed by this cutter is in the range of 60 to 70 psi. It’s intricate in its operation, having a cutting thickness capacity as fine as high as 10 mm. 
After-Sale Service The company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee after 30 days in the event that your product fails to satisfy your needs. This makes an ideal offer for someone who has no experience with these tools. 
Packing List The cutter comes with: Power source 6.56ft earth clamp cable 13ft pt31 cutting torch Air pressure valve 6.56ft electrode holder 6.56ft hose
Insulation Class F
Generator Input 4.8 KVA
Input Current 28Amps

Current range

Input voltage 110V, US power plug.
Package weight 8kg

Reboot Cut40 Review 

Different cutting materials for different needs:

This cutter allows you to make use of a wide variety of cutters, such as stainless steel, chrome, etc. 

Use the type of material that suits the one you are using the tool for!

Increased material compatibility means an increased accuracy of cutting and added ease.

Reliable and strong:

This plasma cutter offers unparalleled savings on the electricity bill. All thanks to its 4.8 KVA generator input, 110 V operational voltage and 28 amps input current. 

You can use it without even an ounce of vexation pertinent to the mains supply safety and the money spent on power.

After-sale services and warranty:

You do not need to worry about the cutter not performing its best or not delivering what it promised. You can always return it to the manufacturer within 30 days to allow them to:

  • Help you with the fault
  • Give you your money back
  • Replace the product.

The 1-year warranty means that you can avail of the company’s expertise any time there is a problem with the cutter’s functioning. 

The Reboot Cut40 is Easy to use

Its handy design, the easy to comprehend manual and convenient controls make this plasma cutter an ideal choice for amateurs. 

Those who have no previous experience of using these tools can also find it to be useful.

The smooth operation and effortless cutting make it a hot favorite for perfectionists. 

Pros and Cons 

You can go through the following list of pros and cons for the Reboot Cut40 plasma cutter to make the final decision:

Reboot Cut40 Pros

  • It is economical. You need not think twice before ordering it online or buying it from the nearest trusted hardware retailer.
  • You are offered a 30-day money-back guarantee in case your tool is defected or does not live up to your expectations. There are no losses with this amazing cutter.
  • You can carry it anywhere and use it wherever needed, all thanks to its portable design and lightweight. Despite the robust design, it is very convenient to operate and transport.
  • Customers enjoy a 1-year warranty should the cutter malfunction. The company offers full support to its clients and makes sure the problem is resolved in the shortest time possible.
  • The air filter regulator makes the cutting of conducting metals safely, for both the operator and the environment. In addition, it makes the cutter’s functioning very user-friendly.
  • It can be used at home without a hassle.
  • The maximum clean cut of 1/2″ makes it a very accurate tool that can be especially useful if you are a hobbyist or an artist who needs to cut metals in a variety of different ways. 

Reboot Cut 40 Cons

  • It cannot be used for large scale cutting. For larger metals, you should go for another plasma cutter.
  • The cables that accompany this plasma cutter are too short to allow operation at a site distant from the power source. The 6.5 ft lead may be inconvenient for some. 
  • The ground lead, also 6.5 ft, may be considered inadequate by many clients. 

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Reboot Cut40 Buying Guide 

The Reboot CUT40 has been cited as one of the most opted-for plasma cutters by artists and hobbyists. It is mainly an ideal choice for those who like to work on a small scale, but without compromises on precision. 

However, like every gadget, it has both advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into account prior to making the purchase. It is hands-down the best choice if you:

  • Are new to plasma cutting
  • Are an artist or hobbyist
  • Are going to use it at home or a small workplace with minimal cutting needs
  • Have allocated a small chunk of your budget to this tool

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Reboot Cut40 Conclusion

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, then you should definitely get yourself this plasma cutter. Beware of its concise cables, but be fully carefree about its excellent operation and precision. 

You can find this tool online without a hassle. 

Happy metal cutting!

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