Mophorn 50 Amp Plasma Cutter Review – Will It Get The Job Done? (Updated 2020)

Mophorn 50 Amp Plasma Cutter


If you’ve got a tight budget, and aren’t looking to compromise on power, you’re reading the right review. Even with less than $300 to spare, this 50 Amp plasma cutter by Mophorn has your back. 

The rated duty cycle on it is considerably high, sitting at 35%. This means that the tool can operate at a significant percentage, and also at high amperage. The voltage compensation systems on it can handle significant fluctuation. A +/- 15% fluctuation wouldn’t be an issue for it to handle – which makes it extra durable. 

It’s super easy to use – that’s what you’ll find on most reviews about this product. It just is, and the compact design makes the product even more compelling. You’ll find guidelines imprinted on top of it; make sure you go through them before using it. 

You’ll be able to cut more using way less power. The small price doesn’t equate to compromised quality with this tool. It’s equipped with advanced inverter technology and pule-width modulation control.  

Mophorn 50 Amp plasma cutter Key Features

  • A high voltage capability of 220V is one of them. Many other tools within its price range, or even pricier ones, come with 110V limits. The Hobart Airforce 12ci is an example of those, which operate only at 120V. 
  • The dual voltage system allows you to switch between 110V and 220V. You don’t always have to burn more power at 220V when the task at hand doesn’t require it. That’s a huge plus for hobbyists that work on a wide scale of light and heavy tasks. 
  • The Mophorn 50 Amp plasma cutter can cut through metal sheets as thick as 15mm. Note that this cutting capacity is 50% higher than cutting tools like the ZENY Cut 50. 
  • It comes with IP21 certification for protection from overcurrent, overpressure, or overheating. 
  • From automation work to site work – the cutting tool has countless applications. 

Mophorn 50 Amp Pros

  • It’s a super inexpensive option. 
  • No compromise on quality, power, durability, and functionality. 
  • Delivers high performance, with a better cutting capacity of 15mm thickness. 
  • Convenient output adjustments using the knob functions and display screen. 
  • It’s lightweight and not as challenging to handle as other massive tools. You’ll be able to move it around precisely and steadily without a problem. This helps achieve cleaner cuts too! 
  • The wind cooling fan is a bonus, besides its quick cutting speed. 

The company has specially given a thought to make the tool last long. The voltage fluctuation compensation is there for a reason, and that’s not it. A large wind cooling fan and the IP21 level protection all speak in favor of the tool’s durability. You’re getting all this at a super low price point – remember that.

Mophorn 50 Amp Cons

There’s honestly not that much to complain about when it comes to using it. Besides, at its price, it barely allows any room for critique. But no tool is perfect, and this one isn’t either. Here are a few things that could be problematic; 

  • The smoke. Yep, the machine breathes out a lot of it. While all cutting tools create smoke, this one goes above and beyond sometimes. 
  • It produces quite a lot of fumes during cutting. This too is common among all cutting tools. But I wouldn’t add it here if it weren’t a bit unusually high. Especially when you’re cutting steel, you’ll notice fumes building up in your work spot. It’s a must to use welding masks that protect your breathing for these harmful fumes. 
  • While this is not confirmed, but some customers have reported a common defect. They claim that their model doesn’t work as 220V; only as 110V. This casts doubt on the product’s true dual voltage system in some units. These reports aren’t confirmed to be true, but it’s worth adding to the review. Line 1


Overall – the Mophorn 50 Amp plasma cutter seems like a no-brainer purchase. It’s an inexpensive option that offers the features of a mid to high range cutting tool. With top-notch safety and durability features, and high cutting capacity, you can’t go wrong with it. 

Not only does it cost less, but it’ll also save you on variable costs by consuming less power. It’s lightweight and compact design allows much better maneuverability. This translates to cleaner cuts, which means you’re not sacrificing quality at all. 

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