Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Ultimate Review – Worth The Price? We Think So…

Lincoln 140 MIG Welder

  • Very Quiet
  • Works great on stainless steel and aluminum materials.
  • Versatility to Get the Job Done
  • Only Requires 120 volt
  • Proven Performance is in the Arc
  • Making Inroads with an Adjustable Drive
  • 3 Year Warranty

The Lincoln 140 MIG welder or (Metal Inert Gas) welder is designed for welders who want to offer excellent welding services because it is effortless to use and it requires no assembling. Ideally, anyone with welding experience should be able to use the welding machine without undergoing any form of training on its usage.

Another advantage of this welding equipment is that it is used virtually anywhere because it works with the conventional 120-volt input power. This machine can deeply penetrate any surface regardless of its thickness. Moreover, the simple two-knob control makes it an excellent choice in terms of simplicity. So, technically, it is one of the simplest welding machines.  

Again, if you are considering either stainless or aluminum surfaces, or both, then you can as well think about this machine. The manufacturer designed it to penetrate all materials, resulting in high quality and neat welds. Besides, it has a brass-to-brass gun connection, which enhances its connectivity. Also, there is a sturdy aluminum gearbox that allows it to be silent when operational. So, by and large, it has a lot of great features that make it the recommended choice.

Six Major Features of Lincoln 140 MIG

 Ease of maintenance

One good thing about this wonderful product is that it is very easy to maintain. As long as you can keep it in a neat environment and make it clean by mere dusting, then you are good to go.

Its maintenance is stress-free; dust and keep it in a safe place until it is needed for use again.

A peripheral part of the machine that you should never overlook is the nozzle. You are always to keep it clean in order not to inhibit the flow of gas during welding. Drive rolls should equally be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent build-up.

Be that as it may, the most comfortable and most convenient method of maintaining your MIG welding machine is to have it covered when not in use. This procedure will prevent dust and dirt from entering into it. Sometimes, it is also good to engage the services of a certified technician to inspect your welding gun or to carry out maintenance service.


Lincoln 140 Mig Welder Features

This product is very durable. And as mentioned earlier, it is stress-free to maintain. If you can keep it in a very safe and neat environment, then it should serve you for some years. Unlike any other machine, there is no guarantee on how long you can use it, but there is the certainty that it will help you for at least 12 months with regular welding service. Additionally, please ensure to keep it out of your children’s reach. You do not want to imagine what could happen due to your negligence and carelessness.


 The Lincoln 140 MIG Welder is pocket-friendly. It is relatively cheaper in comparison to the services you can get with it. It is hugely above your money’s worth. Nevertheless, it costs less than other welding machines with similar features.

Easy to use

Being easy to use is one good reason you cannot omit. While some welding machines require training or tutorials before you can use them, the same does not apply to this soldering and welding equipment.

This product offers simplicity. Its two-knob control design provides simplicity to the users. Anybody that has handled a welding machine before will operate it on his first attempt.

However, if it is your first time handling a welding machine and you need someone to put you through, all you need is a one-time training or explanation. Once you learn it, then you should find it easy operating it after that.

Hence, this machine is one of the simplest that you can find in the market today. Besides, it comes with a reference guide. If you could study it thoroughly, then you need not have problems using this machine even as a first-timer.

Effective on different materials

This welding equipment can perform perfectly on stainless steel and aluminum surfaces or materials. The manufacturers designed it with all types of material in mind. So, instead of buying different welding machines for different surfaces or materials, this welder will do. In more explicit terms, this welding machine works excellently on a wide range of materials.

Production of high-quality weld

This machine is so rugged and, at the same time, so gentle on any material, thereby creating a high-quality weld. It produces neat and smooth welds that may pass unnoticed. This machine is behind a lot of smoothly and neatly welded materials you come across. That is not all; the thickness of the material in question is never a factor militating against the performance of this machine. More so, whether you use it with gas or gasless wire, it welds either way perfectly.

Lincoln 140 Mig Welder Specs

BrandLincoln Electric
Manufacturer’s Warranty3 year limited warranty
Ship Weight62.2 lbs
Welding Process(es)MIG, Flux-Core
Duty Cycle20% at 90A
Mig ReadyYes
Spoolgun IncludedNo (optional)
Wire Feed Speed Control50–500 IPM
Weldable MetalsSteel, aluminum
Weld Thickness (in.)Up to 5/16 in. mild steel
Clamp Cable Length (ft.)10
Regulator and Gas Hose IncludedYes
Shielding Gas RequiredYes, when welding MIG
Welding Wire Diameter (in.)0.025–0.045
Power Cord (ft.)6
Dimensions L x W x H (in.)18 5/8 x 10 1/8 x 14

Product Benefits

  • Can set up for gas-free flux core welding or gas-shielded MIG welding for steel, stainless and aluminum
  • The equipment is silent or noiseless when in use.
  • 50–500 IPM wire feed speed control
  • Fully adjustable drive system reduces wire tangle and crushing
  • You only require 120-volt input power to get your machine running.
  • Brass-to-brass gun connection for enhanced conductivity
  • Cast aluminum body with rigid drive aids wire alignment
  • Easy-turn numeric drive tension indicator
  • 20% duty cycle @ 90 Amps
  • Quick, tool-less drive roll changeovers
  • Includes welder, the gun with 10-ft cable assembly, .025in. and .035in. contact tips, gasless and gas nozzles, spindle adapter for 8in. dia. spools, shielding gas apparatus, sample spool of .025in. MIG wire and sample spool of .035in. flux-cored wire
  • 20 Amp electrical service
  •  The welding unit weighs 50-lbs.
  • The machine is portable, which means that it usable almost anywhere.

The Negative Things

  • This product is a result of careful and extensive research on the challenges facing welders. And therefore, it has no cons.

How to use a Lincoln 140 MIG welder?

How to use a Lincoln 140 MIG welder?

The Lincoln 140 MIG welder, like any other MIG welding machine, is not difficult to use. However, these are a few steps to follow when trying to undertake a welding activity using Lincoln 140 MIG welding equipment.

First, ensure that you set your welder properly. Check the wire on the spool, the gun, as well as other things required for proper welding.

After carrying out the above step, next, clamp your ground clamp to a table. This step is very important because your safety lies in it. The clamped table prevents you from being electrocuted while undertaking your welding activity. You should understand that you need the table for comfort as well. Do not forget to also have your gloves on, as well as helmet and goggles or welding glasses. Those are safety measures, and if you must work with electricity, these are the things you should always keep in mind.

Now, there is something called the “push position.” It is placing your welding gun at an angle of 20 degrees to enable you to work on the material properly. So, to start welding, you can configure your welding gun for either the gas wire or flux core wire. It is developed with two-knob control for simplicity. Notwithstanding, the equipment comes with a reference guide, which you may study to learn more about the machine.

Apart from that, this welding equipment has a powerful Magnum 100L welding gun and a rigid drive that keeps the wires aligned.

Whether you are using the gas wire for your welding activity or the flux core, the outcome will always be excellent. Nevertheless, some people have claimed that they enjoy using the gas wire as opposed to the flux core.

Final Verdict on The Lincoln 140 Mig Welder

By now, you should have understood why the Lincoln 140 MIG welder is a cut above the rest based on its features. Now, if you are considering purchasing the product, it is advisable to visit Amazon. Nothing is stopping you from buying it from any other outlet, but if you need a product with a good deal or fair price, then Amazon is your recommendable option. Amazon will sell the product to you along with all its accessories, but some online stores will not sell the complete kit to you.

Besides, Amazon deals directly with manufacturers, so you are guaranteed to purchase a quality product at an affordable price. Another reason why you should buy the product from Amazon is that you can provide a review of the product. Amazon offers a platform that enables verified customers to give a review or feedback on the product they purchased through them. Based on this reason, Amazon has become a popular brand among online shoppers.

Amazon is equally well-known because they ship products to other countries. Product shipping is a service that many other platforms do not provide. A few other e-commerce platforms ship to Canada while the rests do not ship outside the US.

In summary, you have learned that the Lincoln 140 MIG welding machine is an excellent choice for virtually all types of welding activities. You equally know that only Amazon will offer you the best deal on the product. So, if you are a welder that wants to excel in your field, what excuse do you have by still sitting on the fence? 

Lincoln 140 MIG Welder

lincoln 140 Mig Welder Review

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