Hyperikon Plasma Cutter Ultimate Review – Will it get the Job Done?

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter

Hyperikon 40 A

  • PT-31 TORCH
  • 1/2” CLEAN CUT

Metal is one of the hardest materials a craftsman works with. It can be super tedious to shape and cut – more so with thicker sheets. To solve this problem, plasma cutters came to the rescue. 

The usage of these cutters is now common among all metalworkers. It’s not only limited to the professionals, but even hobbyists and DIY lovers also get their hands on these. The ease they bring for cutting metals precisely is unmatched. 

But like any other useful product, there’s not just one supplier in the market. A large number of competitors have introduced a variety of makes and models. Each one bringing a distinct combination of power capability, design, and ease of use.

The need for a plasma cutter varies though, as not all metal-working projects are the same. Professionals who deal with super thick metal sheets regularly need heavy-duty cutters. But for DIY purposes, a lightweight tool works better. This review focuses on a cutter from the latter class; the Hyperikon 40 A plasma cutter.  

Introduction to the Hyperikon 40 A Plasma Cutter

We’ve included this Hyperikon Plasma Cutter in our Top-10 list of budget cutters for a reason. (https://weldingmachinesforsale.net/cheap-plasma-cutter-under-350-buying-guide-and-reviews-2020/). Before discussing any of its features, let’s discuss what makes it special, i.e. its ease of use. Weighing only 18.9 pounds, it’s the definition of portability. 

Lightweight brings added maneuverability, and stability in handling. This ultimately translates to more precise cuts and cleaner results. You can use the device to cut through steel and all other conductive metals. The cutter uses a high-voltage electric curve to operate and makes plasma using compressed gas.

Using it, the effort required to shape and cut metals reduces exponentially. Instead of using jigsaws, you only need steady hands and a tiny bit of experience. Plus, the Hyperikon Plasma Cutter is designed to make it safer for you to cut through metal.         

You can use it to cut all sorts of metal assortments in a large variety of cutting activities. It only needs a pre-heat cycle every now and then, so it’s there whenever you need it. It doesn’t cause the metal to get damaged or warped either!         

Now, let’s dive into some technical details about the new Hyperikon HyperCut40-AS Plasma Cutter!

Hyperikon HyperCut40-A Specifications

Origin USA
Part Number CA-PC0010040
Product Weight 18.9 pounds
Product Dimensions  13 x 4.8 x 8.2 inches 
Volts  110V
Duty Cycle 45% duty cycle at 110° Fahrenheit
Plasma Gas Flow/Pressure Air Compressor not included
Power Source Corded Electric
Input Current 10 to 40 Ampere adjustable output power
Cut Performance Cuts any aluminum or mild steel workpiece of up to 12mm thickness.
Display Style Digital
Notable Features Adjustable Amperage, Insulation Class F, IP21s, Duty Cycle 45%, Single Electrical Power Phase

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter Description

The tool’s portability is game-changing with little to no trade-offs. You get a reliable tool, that’s available for all your DIY projects and professional needs. Built with durable material, it’s sturdy enough to withstand higher temperatures too. The material is actually rated at insulation class F, which negates overheating threats. 

It comes with a single electric power phase that’s limited to 110V of input power. Internally, it’s constructed with the IGBT inverter technology which is the latest in the market. You get a safe tool that’s able to tolerate high temperatures, with a high voltage capacity. Yes, it’s not as powerful as 220V plasma cutters, but its weight is a fraction of those heavy-duty ones. 

You do get adjustable amperage though, between the ranges of 10 to 40 Amperes. The digital display assists with easy-access visual control over the amp output. This comes in handy if you’re looking to limit the dross residue on your tool. If you’re working with a super-thin metal sheet, tone the output down by turning the knob – it’s that simple. 

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter Features

  • PT-31 TORCH – The Hyperikon HyperCut40 comes with a PT-31 cutting torch, with a 13 feet long power cable. You also get an earth clamp, cable, torch consumables, and an air hose.
  • IGBT INVERTER – Built with the IGBT inverter technology, the 110V plasma cutter produces 10-40A output power with a 45% duty cycle. The adjustability of output comes in real handy for people who engage the tool in lighter projects. 
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – Hyperikon’s 3-year unlimited warranty is an amazing safety net for quality-conscious buyers. It means they’ve got you covered from all potential mishaps! In case you run into an issue with your tool, contact them for a fast and easy replacement process.
  • BUILT-IN PROTECTION – With its over-heat tolerance and insulation class F, a safe operation is ensured. They include air regulators that maintain the air pressure at 75psi, which is quite thoughtful. 
  • 1/2” CLEAN CUT – With a max amperage of 40, the plasma cutter cuts through any aluminum or mild steel sheet as thick as 12mm. To reduce dross build-up and for a smooth cutting experience, feel free to lower the amp output. With a reduced cutting speed, it’s easier to work steadily and get a neater cut. 

Here’s what I like

PT-31 Torch

The standard Hyperikon unit comes with a PT-31 cutting torch that’s capable of handling any conductive metal. The torch has a 13-feet long cable, and it’s super easy to set up. You also get an earth clamp, a generously long power cable. Not just that, an air regulator, torch parts, and an air hose as well. With all these pieces included with the set, you get super high value for your money. 

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter Performance

You don’t feel like you’re using a lighter tool at all, as it cuts through thick materials effortlessly. Any metal sheet within the 12mm range, be it stainless steel, iron, or copper, is no match for it!

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter Conclusion

It is incredible how well the Hyperikon Plasma Cutter performs while weighing under 20 lbs. It sets the portability bar way too high in the market. It’s a statement that a tool doesn’t have to be heavy for it to be heavy-duty if that makes sense. With a small price tag of under $240, it definitely deserves a spot in your workshop inventory!

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