Cheap Plasma Cutter Under $350 – Buying Guide and Reviews 2020

A tool that is used for the purpose of cutting steel and other metals is what describes the plasma cutter. The tool operates with the use of inert gas that blows out of a nozzle on the tool at a very high speed with lots of pressure. An electrical arc is applied as the machine operates, and this is what turns that gas into plasma. It creates a torch that is very hot and is able to cut through metal easily.

There are a few different types of plasma cutters that are available on the market. Buyers who are not accustomed to plasma cutter features and the differences might become easily confused. The good news is that this guide is meant to help those buyers who are unfamiliar with plasma cutters, pick out the one that is right for them.

Let’s get a bit more familiar with some of the most important features of a plasma cutter.

Top 10 Cheap Plasma Cutter Comparison Table And Reviews

Duty Cycle

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of a plasma cutter is one of the main features that you should look at as you are shopping around.

The output and the amperage will play a huge role when you are deciding on which plasma cutter to purchase because if you plan to use the cutter often but not for continuous periods of time, then you can choose one according to the amperage.

When you are using the plasma cutter for more continuous uses on longer work shifts, then you need to choose a cutter based upon the thickness of the materials that you will be cutting.

Input Power

The Input power plays a very important role in the proper functioning of your cutter, just like the other features. Any plasma cutter that you purchase should have a high power of electricity running through it. You will find cutters available on the market that are equipped with either 110 volts or 220 volts of power. Take a close look at the amperage ratings before you make a purchase.

This feature is one that you never want to look over or take lightly when you are searching for the best plasma cutter.

Cutting Speed

Cutting Speed

Last but not least, when you are looking to buy cutter for better plasma cutting experience, you need to take note of the speed of the options that you are considering. So in order to know what speed you need to buy, you need to know the thickness of the materials that you will be working with.

Top 10 Best and Cheap Plasma Cutter Review – Editor’s Choice – Authorized

Reboot CUT40 Air Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

1. Plasma Cutter 40Amps Portable 110V

If you are looking for an affordable plasma cutter, then the Reboot CUT40 Air Plasma Metal Cutting Machine just might be up your alley for the types of projects that you are working with.

With a duty cycle amperage of 110v 35A and an output of 60%, you are sure to get satisfactory and accurate results in the materials that you will be cutting for your projects.

The cut40 is a machine that has been built with the latest LGBT technology kept in mind. With that fact, you will find that this machine is reliable and sturdy.

The Reboot CUT40 allows you to cut through materials that are up to 2/5” or 10mm in thickness.

You can see our full review of the Reboot CUT40 here 

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  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Portable


  • Cutting power may not meet up to everyone’s standards

Overall based on the pros and cons, this is one of the best cutters on the market.

Air Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine – To sense CUT50

2. Air Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine

The Air Inverter Plasma cutting machine comes equipped with some of the most useful features that you can find in the best budget plasma cutter.

The Mosfet inverter technology that it comes with is a great add-on that will allow you to experience energy saving, high technology. You will save up to 50% more energy compared to other cutter machine models that are available on the market.

Incorporated into the wonderful features that the Tosence CUT50 comes with, us a cooling method that is new and improved for the cutting torch.

This model is known for its outstanding overall performance, which is why many consumers choose this model as their option for various projects.

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  • 1-2 Yr warranty
  • Allows users to get precise cuts
  • Easy assembly
  • Less cleaning required


  • Advertised as a 110/220v, but reported to stop working if 220v is used

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter

3. Hyperikon Plasma Cutter, 10 40 AmpThe Hyperikon brand would like to introduce to you the all-new Hypercut40-AS Plasma Cutter. This cutter is one that is quite sturdy, and it is even portable, which means that it would be easy to move from one place to the next for doing DIY projects.

So if you are someone who does DIY work and you require cutting of your metal materials, then this might be the cutter for you.

This cutter is built with some of the most durable materials that you can use for this type of tool and has been rated with an insulation class F to ensure that it has the resistance and stability needed to operate under high temperatures.

It’s important to know that this machine operates at 110V input power.

Check out the full review here

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  • Small portable size
  • Easy setup


  • Some consumers don’t like the pipe threading
  • Some reports of receiving a faulty machine

VIVOHOME Portable DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

4. VIVOHOME Portable DC Inverter

The VIVOHOME Portable DC Plasma Cutter has an improved cutting ability, which also holds a speed that is 1.8 times faster compared to oxy-acetylene cutting. The frequency with this cutter is the high frequency at about 100KHz. The step-down voltage is known for its ability for creating a very powerful welding current through its PWM technology. The thick steel plate cutting is very convenient, and it is also quite fast and economical. The cutting thickness for this tool ranges from 1-12mm.

The good news that most consumers would like is the array of materials that this cutter is able to cut. You can use this cutter on materials like:

  • Alloy
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild Steel

  • Copper
  • Other metals

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  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Dependable
  • Cuts smoothly


  • Its comes with no cord or Power Plug

Overall this brand and model is known to be a reliable cutter.

Mophorn 50 AMP Plasma Cutter

5. Mophorn 50Amp Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for a portable small plasma cutter, then you just might find that the Mophorn 50 amp Plasma cutter is right up your alley of options to choose from. What’s even better is that if you are on a budget, then this cutter is probably the best cheap plasma cutter currently available on the market. For such a small machine, this cutter offers its users high efficiency with its 50 Amp powered motor.

The output is able to be easily adjusted to your liking, using the appropriate knob functions and the display screen. The duty cycle offered is at 35%. Even better, the machine is a dual voltage machine that operates at either 110v or 220v. This cutter offers high stability and efficiency in performance.

Click here to see our full review

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  • Inexpensive Option
  • Delivers High Performance


  • Consumer reports of it only working as 110v and not 220v

SUNGOLD 50A Air Plasma Cutter

6. SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Air Plasma Cutter

The Sungold plasma cutter features 1.50A LGBT with a display screen on the front to easily see the settings for making adjustments. The model is known for being a dual voltage model, which means that it can operate with 110V or 220V frequencies as it operates with air compressed gas. You will have the ability to cut materials that are 2.1/2” with a max severance of ¾”.

This should give you a large range of cutting abilities with a variety of different metals. So regardless of whether or not the materials are old and rusted, smooth, jagged, rough, or painted, you can accomplish precise cuts for your projects.

The Sungold is an energy-saving device, and doesn’t make is much noise as some other cutters that are available on the market.

Check out our full review here

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  • Easy to Use
  • Saves energy
  • Operates quietly
  • Dual-voltage operation


  • No known or reported cons

Lotos LT3500 Air Plasma Cutter

7. Product Name Lotos LT3500 35Amp

The Lotos LT3500 Air Plasma Cutter is quite the tool!! While it’s compact in size, it does a great job delivering the results that most consumers expect to get with such a tool. The Lotos can easily cut through materials that are about 2/5” (10mm) or less in thickness. It’s also pretty light, weighing 18lbs.

This option would be a great, affordable option for those who are interested in doing DIY projects. Keep in mind that this particular cutter is only meant for light duties only, though, so if you need one for heavy-duty tasks, then this would not be the cutter for you.

You’ll like that this cutter is one that is quite easy to set up and get to work immediately after setup. It is meant to be used with 110v wall outlets only.

You can find our full review here

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  • Quick setup, and easy to use
  • Light in weight


  • Consumer complaint of product not having an arc

HeroCut 35i Plasma Cutter

8. HeroCut 35i Plasma Cutter CUT35i

A reliable machine packed with various different features to meet the demands that you have for a plasma cutter would describe the HeroCut 35i cutter. This unit is a favorite of consumers because it is compact in size, which means that it is easy to take along with you on many DIY projects adventures. While it might be a small machine, it is still quite powerful, and with it, you can cut through metals that have up to 6mm in thickness. It is designed to only operate with outlets that are 110v; anything more, you can cause damage to the machine.

click here to see our full review

Some of the features of this model include:

  • Cutting stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and copper
  • IGBT technology
  • Cooling fan for optimum performance

If you like everything you’ve read so far, then you might want to buy plasma cutter.

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  • Affordable
  • Portable


  • Reports in faulty units received by some consumers

Amico 50 AMP Plasma Cutter

9. CUT-50, 50 Amp Pro

While it may not be the cheapest cutter on the market, the Amico 50 AMP plasma cutter is supreme compared to other similar models on the market. It’s a cutter that is meant for industrial projects or high demand large DIY projects.

The voltage on this machine is able to adapt to outlets that hold a voltage between 100-240v.

The torch design gives the user a nice, smooth, comfortable grip that is made from impact-resistant materials.

The handles have the ability to cut up to 1.0” of material thickness. You can cut many different types of stainless steel and metals. Best of all, this cutter is known for its low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, and it is also more hazard-free compared to other models.

Check out our full review here

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  • Easy Maintenance
  • Ability to work on bigger projects


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Reports of air hose having leaks

ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

10. ZENY DC Inverter Plasma CutterIf you are into energy-saving and you want to invest in a plasma cutter that doesn’t use as many electrical resources as others do, then let me introduce to you the ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter. The inverter technology incorporated with using this machine is what makes it is possible to save resources while you work on your project.

It is known for saving up to 50% energy compared to other models on the market. Better yet, if plasma cutter cost plays a large role in your decision-making, then you’ll be happy to know that this cutter is affordable for most.

The ZENY DC is a dual voltage operator, which means that wall sockets that are 110V or 220V are able to be used for it to operate properly. The design is compact, and it has a handle at the top.

See our full review of the Zeny Cut Here

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  • Compact in size
  • Energy saving


  • Reports of model not booting up properly

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